Wholesale Produce Consolidation

Innovative Produce Consolidation Strategies

At QSI, we are more than just a produce company. With our produce consolidation services, combined with the latest cross docking techniques, we make it easy for your business to expand into new markets.

We understand that your market, restaurant, hotel, or other institution is looking for the best value when purchasing wholesale produce. With our produce consolidation services, we can help continuously provide a fresh inventory of fruits, vegetables, and nuts to your customers at the right value for your business. We strive to successfully transport your produce from terminal to terminal without the need for storage, while keeping your items safe. Increase efficiencies in your business today with our cross docking techniques.

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What is Produce Consolidation and How Can it Help My Business?

Through our produce consolidation services, your business will be able to leverage our vast source of innovative logistic and informational systems that will help better synchronize your shipments safely and effectively.

Our self-contained produce distribution company is able to control every aspect of buying and selling produce to help consolidate your orders, shipments, and more. Not only will this save your business money in the long run, but also help improve the efficiencies of your operations. With the help of our produce professionals, your customers can rely on your business for a consistent supply of fresh produce.

The QSI Difference

With 20+ years in the wholesale produce industry, our team has invaluable connections to distributors, grower-shippers, wholesalers, and more that will help streamline your produce buying ventures.

Unlike other produce companies in California, we are able to find and forecast markets better than anyone. With unyielding principles and strong core values, you can trust that our produce company provides you with honest, quality services that will allow your business to achieve great success. When you partner with QSI, we deliver on the promises we make for your business.

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