Wholesale Produce Services

Fast, Effective & Efficient Produce Services

At QSI, it is our mission to help your business drive profit with our fast, effective, and efficient produce services. We have built our produce company as a self-contained sales and service provider that can control every aspect of wholesale produce operations in-house.

Produce Distribution

Grocery stores, markets, hotels, and more all over the state of California have relied on our produce distribution services for decades to get fresh produce from the farm onto their shelves in just 10 hours. Learn how our produce distribution team can help your business.



Produce Consolidation

At QSI, we have developed strong connections to a wide variety of produce suppliers and shippers across the state. With our decades of expertise, we can help streamline the transportation of your bulk produce through our produce consolidation services.


Produce Specialist Repacking Boxes

Marketing & Merchandising

We have helped ethnic markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and more create a successful retail experience with our produce marketing and merchandising services. Learn how our experts can help your business drive profits in your store here.



The QSI Difference

At QSI, our diverse team strives to provide your business with valuable information that can help you get the best local produce at competitive prices. With our vast knowledge and experience in the wholesale produce industry, we can find and forecast markets better than others. Our services are not complete until we deliver what we promised.

We take a unique approach, backed with our breadth of experience, to help your business expand into new markets. We accomplish this by sharing our vision and ideas to collaborate on an innovative produce solution, personalized to your exact needs. No matter if you are a buyer, grower, or shipper, we are here to provide you with an exceptional solution and a higher level of service.