Wholesale Produce Products

Our Vast Selection of Wholesale Produce Products

Our diverse team at QSI plays an integral role in providing a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables to ethnic markets, grocery stores, processors, restaurants, universities, and more.


We are proud to help your business get the freshest selection of fruits directly to your business. Browse our selection of local produce, seasonal produce, and exotic fruits here to see how our team at QSI can play an integral role in the success of your business.


Fresh Fruit _ Produce from QSI


At QSI, we have built a strong relationship with growers to help provide your business with a vast selection of fresh, crisp, and delicious vegetables. Our diverse team can help your business get the best vegetables—fast.


Delicious Organic Vegetables


We are connected to a many reputable growers of nuts. Our diverse selection of nuts will allow your produce store, restaurant, or other institution to create a unique advantage others. See how our team at QSI can help your business today.


Nuts from QSI Produce

Organic Produce

Organic fruits and vegetables are farmed through higher standards. Our California produce company can help provide your business with a vast selection of organic fruits and vegetables produced at a higher standard. Learn more here.


Wooden Bins of Organic Produce

The QSI Difference

Since 1997, our team has worked diligently to establish trusted relationships with major growers and shippers. With our expertise and solid connections, we can find and forecast markets better than anyone, allowing your business to get the best selection of local California produce, exotic produce, seasonal produce, and more with ease.

If you are looking for produce near you, let our Southern California produce company help. We are dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and effective produce services for all of your needs to help your business expand into new markets and reach a potential you never thought you could attain.