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Vast Produce Selection & Exceptional Service for Your Hotel

At QSI, we have been serving small hotels and hotel chains in Southern California with fresh produce options and a higher level of service since 1997. Our diverse team at QSI is eager to help your hotel with all of its produce needs.

We have worked diligently to establish and maintain excellent relationships with a vast number of growers and shippers in the state and around the country to ensure that your hotel can get exactly what it needs at the best value. It is our mission to not only help your hotel provide the freshest produce options to its guests, but also develop long-term, profitable business relationships.

Consistent Supply of Wholesale Produce For Your Hotel

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Exceptional Produce Solutions for Your Hotel Chain

With our strategic location in the heart of the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market, we can ensure that your hotel is getting the freshest produce options—fast. We are dedicated to getting to know your business and its goals to determine the best and most effective produce services, tailored to your exact needs. Our diverse team specializes in a wide variety of produce services, including by not limited to produce consolidation, marketing and merchandising, and produce distribution. With the combination of our creative, innovative, and advanced wholesale produce services and our 20+ years in the industry, you can feel rest assured that our team will find the best solution for your hotel.

The QSI Difference

When you partner with QSI, you’ll have access to our vast network of connections. Since 1997, we have worked diligently to establish and maintain a reputation for providing fast, efficient, and effective produce solutions. We firmly believe that it is our role to provide value to all parties involved in the buying and selling of produce. If you are looking to create long-term, profitable relationships with some of the best growers and shippers in the state and around the country, you’ve come to the right place. See how our team can help your hotel chain today.