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Fresh Produce & Exceptional Service For Your Cruise Chain

As an owner or operator of a major cruise chain, you understand the importance of having a large supply of fresh wholesale produce on board. With thousands of passengers aboard a boat at a time, it is crucial that you obtain a wide variety of the freshest fruits, vegetables, and nuts possible before sailing.

When you partner with QSI, not only will we help your cruise chain get a vast selection of bulk produce for your ships, but also help you make long-term, profitable relationships with growers, shippers, and more.

Consistent Supply of Wholesale Produce For Cruise Lines

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Exceptional Produce Solutions for Your Cruise Chain

Your cruise line demands a high inventory of produce to serve passengers. When you partner with QSI, not only will you have access to some of the best wholesale fruits and vegetables, but you’ll also have access to some of the best shippers and growers. With our prime location in the heart of the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market, we can ensure that your cruise ship will have exactly what it needs and have it delivered directly to the port where you dock. It is our mission to streamline all of your produce needs to ensure the fast, effective, and efficient produce services your cruise ship relies on.

The QSI Difference

Unlike other California wholesale produce companies, we take the time to get to know your business and its goals to determine the best possible produce solutions. Since 1997, we have worked diligently to establish and maintain a vast network of connections to some of the best growers and shippers in the state and around the country. It is our mission to help all parties involved in the buying and selling of produce to build more successful, profitable business relationships.